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Why did we become fearful of immigrants?

Earth as seen the edge of the solar system taken by Voyager 1 Image credit: Nasa

I’ve undergone a lot of soul-searching since arriving in the USA four months ago. I left behind a great job, an easy lifestyle, universal healthcare and a beautiful country to move to California. I’m also middle-aged and trying to build a career in a city which values the young. The shootings over the past weeks in Gilroy, El Paso and Dayton certainly have made me question why I came.

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Take the road less travelled – Why it’s good to scare ourselves

I got back from a holiday in the US a few days ago and it was one of those trips with a before and after –  I left as one person and returned another.

It was a bucket trip list; over my 53 years I’ve traveled widely but every time I had plans to go to the USA something always seemed to happen. But there is nothing as persuasive as a cold Wellington winter’s night, with the wind smashing against the walls like a berserk toddler while the rain pounds sideways against the windows.

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What’s your problem?

Typical corporate problem-solving session
Typical corporate problem-solving session

Whenever I get stressed about a work-related problem, I try to remind myself that most of what I do really doesn’t matter. After all, if some content I’ve written has a typo or spelling mistake then it’s easily fixed. After all, I’m not a pilot or air traffic controller and my mistakes don’t result in a flaming wreck at the end of the runway or debris raining from the skies. Continue reading What’s your problem?

When adults wage war, children perish.

Elie wiesel







The refugee crisis across the globe is heartbreaking. The devastation, loss and slaughter of millions of people is sickening, but what I find even more sickening is the smug indifference of the vile politicians who could do more to help and aren’t. They are as bad as the psychopathic monsters fuelling the conflicts. The adage that those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it has never been truer. Continue reading When adults wage war, children perish.

An easy place to live

Yeah, the view from my balcony.

I love Auckland – it’s a great city in summer but in winter it has days when the  endless ceiling of drab grey skies is seemingly only broken by icy blobs of rain and a sharp wind that sneaks under your clothes and chills your bones.

I tend to go into  semi-hibernation, sleep work sleep, broken only by the dreary daily commute to work. It was on one of these blah days – get up in the dark, a long tedious drive home in the rain, when everyone in Auckland seems to forget how to drive and the radio presenters seemed more inane than usual, that I got a Skype call from a friend who had moved to Queensland.

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